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XR Reinforced Geomembranes

XR reinforced geomembrane liners, are high performance geomembranes.  They consist of an ethylene interpolymer alloy reinforced woven synthetic fabric, and they are the strongest, most durable geomembranes available. XR reinforced geomembranes are specifically engineered to perform in a wide range of climates and resist broad chemical classes, including acids, oils, and methane. They exhibit impressive dimensional stability, tensile strength and puncture resistance. These geomembranes retain their flexibility whether used in very hot or extremely cold temperatures, making them the highest performing geomembrane on the market. Below is a quick reference guide that differentiates the different types.

XR-5: superior UV and chemical resistance

XR-3: moderate chemical resistance

XR-PW: NSF 61 approved for potable water contact. Moderate chemical resistant requirements, such as storm water and wastewater.

XR reinforced geomembranes are available in 30 mil and 40 mil thicknesses and come in factory panels up to 15,000 square feet. They can be fabricated to size or sold in roll stock.

Benefits of XR Reinforced Geomembrane:

  • Can be exposed and offers outstanding long-term resistance to UV radiation.
  • Easier to install, and the coating compounds bond molecularly when heat welded.
  • Excellent stability and low thermal expansion-contraction properties.
  • Capable of performing in the harshest, most difficult environments.
  • Exhibits tensile strength and high resistance to puncturing.
  • 10-year warranty (XR-3, XR-5).
  • 20-year warranty (XR-PW).

Applications for XR-3 and XR-5 Geomembranes:

  • Hazardous waste containment
  • Floating covers
  • Landfill cells and caps
  • Secondary containment systems
  • Animal waste containment
  • Industrial application projects
  • Tank farms
  • Chemical treatment ponds
  • Mining heap leach & slag tailings ponds
  • Brine & processed water applications
  • Environmental containment

Applications for XR-PW Geomembranes:

  • Stormwater lining systems
  • Wastewater lagoon lining
  • Potable water reservoir lining
  • Potable water baffle curtains

Technical Notes:

XR geomembrane is a very technical product to work with. It must be seam welded by certified welding technicians using specialized welding equipment to ensure performance.

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