Triallyl Cyanurate

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Thông tin chi tiết

Product Number T0333
Purity / Analysis Method >98.0%(GC)
Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight C12H15N3O3 = 249.27
Physical State (20 deg.C) Solid
Store Under Inert Gas Store under inert gas
Condition to Avoid Moisture Sensitive
CAS RN 101-37-1
Reaxys Registry Number 235560
PubChem Substance ID 87576305
SDBS (AIST Spectral DB) 2943
MDL Number MFCD00006049
  • Cyanuric Acid Triallyl Ester
  • Specifications
    Appearance White or Colorless to Almost white or Almost colorless powder to lump to clear liquid
    Purity(GC) min. 98.0 %
    Solubility in EtOH almost transparency
    Properties (reference)
    Melting Point 27 °C
    Boiling Point 162 °C/2.5 mmHg
    Solubility in water Practically insoluble
    Solubility (soluble in) Methanol,Ether,Benzene,Chloroform,Ethanol,Acetone