• Thông tin chi tiết

Thông tin chi tiết

All our products undergo rigorous chemical and mechanical tests, in order to guarantee the highest quality and safety to our customers.


All drums are approved for road (ADR), rail (RID), naval (IMDG-CODE IMO) and air (ICAO) transport of dangerous goods.


Plastic Drum (HDPE), capacity 220 litres, with 2 upper G2” plugs; the inside of the drum is in virgin HDPE, without blue dye; the outer layer has a protective blue dye additive.


The production phases have been entrusted to the best machinery that recent technologies can guarantee to our plastic drums.
Nominal Capacity 220 liters
Brimful Capacity 227,6 litri
Diametro Esterno Superiore 584 ± 5 mm
Central Outside Diameter 584 ± 5 mm
External Height 935 ± 7 mm
Closing system SECONDO NORMA EN 12708: 00
Closure 2 plugs 2” bcs 56×4
Weight 8,5 Kg ± 3%
Packaging 12 pcs on pallet
Approval 1H1 / X 1,2 Y 1,9/250 / YY MM / D / BAM 11729 – omce
Accessories Plugs with breather systems, tap, seal caps


The IBCs have been tested according to DIN EN 61340-2-3, EN 13463-1 and CENELEC TR 50404, and are now EX certified.


Wide range of accessories suitable for use with approved and certified products.