RO membrane

RO membrane

RO membrane is a key element of a pure RO water purifier. RO Film Filter is a brand from USA. Can bring purely pure water, clean and safe.

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What is RO filter and the outstanding feature of this material
RO membrane stands for Reverse Osmosis, also known as reverse osmosis. RO membrane is manufactured from Polyamit material, RO technology was invented in the 50s of the 20th century and developed in the 1970s. RO membrane was invented by American scientist Oragin. At first, RO filter was studied and applied mainly in the field of navigation and space of the US, then it was widely applied in life and production such as supplying drinking water and pure water for production. food, pharmaceutical, laboratory and health …


Structure: The US RO membrane is made of thin films that are fastened together at both ends and rolled into a spiral shape around a plastic shaft. Including 3 membranes: 1 membrane to clean water, 1 membrane reverse osmosis and 1 membrane to supply water. First, the water from the source will flow into the feed water filter at one end of the filter core, part of the water will be filtered by RO membrane and flow into the clean water pipe, the remaining water will flow through the water supply hose is water waste and will flow to the other end of the cartridge. The clean water after filtering will focus on one edge of the filter core will then be flowed to the clean water pipes.

DOW genuine R.O filter used in R.O Ohido water filters. R.O filter is used in the 4th core of R.O genuine water filter R.O membrane. DOW Filmtec code TW30-1812-50 is made in USA. After going through 3 levels:

Raw filter from No. 1 filter element (PP cotton thread)
Filter element 2 (granular activated carbon)
Filter No. 3 (solid activated carbon) thanks to the pressure of the RO membrane booster pump is responsible for completely separating water from materials such as viruses, bacteria, heavy metals: arsenic, lead, manganese, ammonium and other toxic substances …
Filter function of RO membrane – Dow Filmtec
Replacement time: every 18 – 24 months or depending on the water source
For normal water sources: The input water is about 43,700 liters – 65,500 liters
For limestone contaminated water: The input water is about 12,400 liters – 49,700 liters
Operation principle of RO filter – Dow Filmtec
The RO Film – Dow Filmtec operates in a mechanism opposite to the conventional osmosis filter mechanisms, thanks to the gravity of the earth to create the penetration of water molecules through the capillaries of the filter core.

Principle of operation of the RO – DOW FILMTEC filter array

Under the pressure of high-pressure pumps, the water molecules will create a strong flow through the RO membrane gap (this can be called dissociation process in the water stream in normal environment thanks to pressure). The chemical components, metals, impurities … in the water move strongly into the low pressure area or drift out of the water out of the waste stream (like the principle of operation of the human kidney). And when water molecules pass through R.O membrane filters with the size of 0.001 micrometres, most metal and bacteria chemical components have been removed and become pure water.