UF ultrafiltration system

UF ultrafiltration system


– UF membrane: UPVC material of stainless steel
– UF Filter: PVDF material, PES, PVC, PAN, PP material hollow fiber material
– Buffer composition: Epoxy resin

Operating characteristics:

– Operating pressure: 0.1-0.3 MPa
– Low pressure: 1-5 bar
– Temperature: 5-45oC

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Ultrafiltration technology is a process of filtration that uses pressure through a separating membrane to remove suspended substances and impurities (including colloids and silt) from the water. Ultrafiltration technology is more secure than conventional filtration processes (only removes large impurities of about 10 microns). In addition, it also removes bacteria and most viruses floating in the water.

UF (Ultra Filtration) membranes, or hollow permeable fiber ultrafiltration membranes, each filament has a white tubular shape, which allows water to flow from the outside to the inside of the tube thanks to the pressure of the water flow. When we plug one end or bend U-shaped, the pressure of the water will penetrate through the capillary, blocking impurities larger than 1 micron- 0.001 micron.



– Filtering bacterial impurities larger than 0.01micron.

– Eliminate bacteria and viruses.

– The service life of film is high from 3 to 5 years.

– Easily waste discharge.

– No waste water, avoid waste.

– Do not change the chemical properties of water due to the use of mechanical filtration.

– Simple operating procedure, easy for users

– Compact size, saving space.


– For industrial and wastewater treatment plants.

– Used for pretreatment of RO membrane.

– Used to filter family water.

– Used to treat groundwater.

– Used to treat surface water.