Create a friendly living environment for students

Create a friendly living environment for students

Renovating, beautifying, and constructing new toilets at schools is an innovative and practical model of the Capital’s youth in the Youth Month in 2019. Currently, the model is being replicated in many schools in the city. and receive positive feedback from parents and students.


Friendly toilet of Gia Thuy Primary School (Long Bien District). Photo: MAI KHOI

In these days, the activities of Trung Mau Secondary School’s students (Trung Mau commune, Gia Lam district) become more comfortable thanks to the clean and beautiful toilet system. VND 100 million, the restroom of Trung Mau Secondary School has a new appearance, with sensors, automatic spraying, flushing, turning on and off lights. The toilets are also decorated with trees, paintings, creating a clean, comfortable space for students. After the restroom was renovated, the school organized propaganda to raise the awareness of preserving the environment for the children. In addition, the school schedules classes to take turns in directing, establishing a self-governing team to promptly remind students to violate the rules.

Thu An, a sixth-grader at Trung Mau Secondary School excitedly said, “Since the new toilet was built, we have always reminded each other to keep the common toilet. In the past, I often stopped going to the toilet because not patient enough to wait and can’t stand the strong odor rising. ” Like Thu An, the pupils at Van Ha Primary School (Van Ha Commune, Dong Anh District) are no longer subject to “holding back” because the toilet smells. In March 2019, the Youth Union of Van Ha commune coordinated the school’s renovation, repairing toilets with painting on the walls, putting green trees, installing hand-washing sinks … Nguyen Van Thanh, a primary school student Van Ha learns: “Now we are not afraid of the school toilets anymore and more aware of preserving the toilet area”.

Not only in Dong Anh and Gia Lam districts, during the Youth Month, Youth Union facilities in many other districts of the city were also actively involved in helping students have a friendly learning environment. After being refurbished, beautified, toilets are equipped with equipment manufactured by members of Dong Anh Chain Joint Stock Company of Hanoi Youth Businesses with cheaper price, more durable. with products on the market.

According to Hanoi Youth Union, in order to concretize the Hanoi Party Committee’s Program No. 04-CTr / TU on “Socio-cultural development, improving the quality of the Capital’s human resources, building elegant Hanoi people , civilized period 2016 – 2020, “Hanoi Youth Union implemented the project” friendly toilets “at schools in the city. The model shows the City Youth Union’s deep interest in caring for the lives and learning of young people and children; help teachers, staff, students of schools use clean, cool toilets; at the same time, educating students to raise their sense of common hygiene.

On March 26, the inauguration and handover of the “Friendly toilet” youth project at Trung Mau Secondary School, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Council Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc highly appreciated the right choice and winning. Youth Union models in the implementation of Program No. 04; The models implemented by young people have brought about initial effectiveness, contributing to creating an environmental landscape of the capital city which is green, clean, beautiful and friendly. The model “Friendly toilets” is a very useful project, helping to improve the quality of school education. The Hanoi Youth Union should continue to promote and expand this model to other schools in the city.

According to the plan, in 2019, the Capital’s youth will complete the refurbishment and construction of 200 friendly toilets. According to the leaders of the Youth Union, every quarter, the City’s Youth Union will organize a delegation to check the status of maintenance and use of the works after renovation. With the companion, in the fierce determination of the Youth Union, the school and the sponsors, there will be hundreds more friendly toilets, eliminating the “obsession of the time” of the students; Help them learn and live in a green, clean and beautiful environment.

Khanh Vi / Nhandan